Juneau offers a number of unique locations for a wedding ceremony. You can explore each of our locations for more information and photos by clicking below.

Helicopter Glacier Glacier Gardens Mendenhall Glacier  Mountain Top Taku Glacier Lodge Sentinel Light Station Simple Ceremonies 

Our wedding packages include:
  • Assistance with planning your special day as well as  your wedding or renewal vows. We will help organize plans and take care of all the logistics pertaining to your wedding. We will answer your questions about Juneau and the surrounding area, doing our utmost to make your wedding day an unforgettable event.

Round trip ground transportation in a chauffeured sedan or limousine with a tour through Juneau and a stop at the marriage license office.

A complimentary bottle of Korbel champagne or sparkling apple cider to toast your wedding.

Specially embossed set of keepsake champagne flutes.
Customized Alaska Wildflower Bridal bouquet or presentation rose and matching boutonniere for the groom.
1 of 3 heirloom marriage certificates offered by the State of Alaska.
Services of wedding officiant, who will file your license after the ceremony.
We don't shy away from special requests, so please don't hesitate to ask.
Wedding music via CD at the Garden location - you are welcome to bring your own selections.
If needed, 2 witnesses as required by Alaska law.
A one-tiered wedding cake (6-8 people) and associated items needed, Garden location only.
A welcoming basket containing Alaskan goodies.
Professional photographer or videographer are available at an additional fee - prices available upon request.

Helicopter Glacier weddings

Package prices for 2017 are $2,246; $2,439; $3,044; and $4,868.  

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Our most popular and unique wedding location is on a glacier. We land at elevations of 1,800 to 3,500 feet, with ice up to 2,500 feet deep below our feet, mountain peaks rising a mile or more above us and massive icefalls that dwarf the Empire State Building, giving you the feeling that you are the only people on earth! Flying by helicopter provides a view that is simply breathtaking. Words can barely describe the experience! During the flight you may spot mountain goats and maybe a bear or deer, fly over two glaciers and see part of the 1,500 square mile ice field that feeds the glaciers of Northern Southeast Alaska. The flight is worth video taping, so bring your camera(s). For photos, go to www.chugachpeaks.com/juneau-weddings/juneau-helicopter-weddings/

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Please see our Planning page for details on each of the packages.

If the flight is cancelled due to weather, the ceremony will be held at Glacier Gardens.

This activity operates under a Special Use Permit issued
by the US Forest Service.

         *Price includes Bride & Groom, additional fees for guests and a 15% gratuity.

July 8, 2006
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Glacier Garden Rainforest Adventure wedding $2,271.00*

This is a marvelous location (June-September) offering both indoor and outdoor locations for wedding ceremonies. Their large indoor area is full of hanging plants of all kinds that provide instance decorations, including a large flowered Heart, and a lovely aroma.  The outdoor location has a bubbling brook with a waterfall as a backdrop and flowers all around.  If you are lucky you may hear or even see the bald eagles that nest in the Gardens.

We have a special indoor area set aside for us so you can celebrate your wedding with a cake and champange reception, as fine as you might find in a luxury hotel in brighton.  Allowing you the chance to capture your champagne toast and cake cutting on film and a moment to catch your breath.  

In addition, the Garden package includes a tour of the gardens - provided you have enough time. If interested, please check out the Glacier Garden web site: GlacierGardens.com .

For photos, go to: www.chugachpeaks.com/juneau-weddings/glacier-gardens/

*Price includes Bride & Groom, additional fees for guests and a 15% gratuity.

Mendenhall Glacier wedding at Nugget Falls - $2,241.00*


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If the idea of flying in a helicopter is not your cup of tea, this is the next best thing. The Nugget Falls location provides you a special location for a wedding ceremony with the Mendenhall Glacier, Mendenhall Lake, and snowcapped mountains as the back drop to your wedding - a true Alaskan background.   This package has limited availability; please check us to find out if your schedule allows use of this package.  Requires a 20 minute walk.

*Price includes Bride & Groom, additional fees for guests and a 15% gratuity

This activity operates under a Special Use Permit issued by the US Forest Service.

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Mount Roberts Tram wedding $1,696.*         

We will be up nearly 2,000 feet in elevation, which provides a fantastic view of downtown Juneau, Douglas Island, the Gastineau Channel with the cruise ships far below, the Mendenhall Valley, and much more.

Mount Roberts Tram provides transportation up the mountain and a short hike takes us away from the crowds to several locations that are great for a mountain top wedding ceremony.  The photo opportunities are plentiful and if you want you can stop by the visitor center, view a bald eagle up close, visit the fantastic gift shop, restaurant, and lounge at the Tram departure area, and even go for a hike if you're in the mood.

*Price includes Bride & Groom, additional fees for guests and a 15% gratuity. 

temp photoWilderness Weddings at the Taku Glacier Lodge - $3,055.00**      

Elizabth & Matthew

Plan your extraordinary wedding amidst the Alaska landscape, where time stands still.  Take flight in a classic floatplane viewing 5 breath taking glaciers enroute to the historic Taku Glacier Lodge.
The Taku River will be your isle-way when landing at the distinctive Taku Lodge, just across the river from the glaciers of the Juneau Ice field.

You will be greeted upon arrival and given time to take in your surroundings.  The ceremony will be performed with the backdrop of the massive Hole-In-The-Wall Glacier.  Enjoy a unique glacier champagne toast as you begin the new chapter of your life together.

After the ceremony, enjoy a true Alaskan feast by the fire, followed by your choice of wedding cake.  Keep alert for the famous local black bears that may want to serve as witness to your exceptional day.   They are usually on hand to assist in the cleaning of the grill.
A marriage is magnificent gift; compliment your love with a true Alaskan wilderness package to create your unique and magical wedding!  We look forward to your visit!

Check out the Location Album on the Photo Album page for more photos of this location

Included in 4 hour Bride & Groom package:

* Professional and spectacular flight seeing experience in a deHavilland Floatplane.
* 50 min total flight time.
* Views of 5 spectacular glaciers.
* The possibility of seeing moose during the flight.
* An opportunity to step into Alaskan history with a 2 hour visit at the Taku Glacier Lodge (Awarded the National Registry of Historic Places plaque).
* Taku Lodge staff member for greeting.
* Priceless photo opportunities and memories to last a lifetime.
* Wedding site set up upon your arrival at Lodge.
* Full Alaskan King Salmon Feast served by the fire.
* After lunch, the black bears come for a visit and you'll have ample opportunity for taking pictures.
* Glacier Champagne toast. 

      *Price includes Bride & Groom, additional fees for guests and a 15% gratuity. 


Sentinel Light Station of Pt Retreat Lighthouse 2017 - $3,171.00* Sentinal Island Lighthouse

Activated March 1, 1902, the Sentinel Light Station was one of the first light stations in Alaska.   The lighthouse and island are located 25 miles northwest of Juneau, which is just a few minutes ride in a helicopter.  

Thanks to the efforts of the Gastineau Channel Historical Society whose members have been working to preserve the historical site and building for the past several years, couples seeking a truly unique and historical location to have their wedding ceremony can now chose to do so on Sentinel Island.

For more information including photos and history on the light station, please go to: http://www.lighthousefriends.com/light.asp?ID=826

*Price includes Bride & Groom, additional fees for guests and a 15% gratuity.

Simple wedding ceremonies  Shannon smiling

Looking for a wedding package that is simple without all the frills and expense?  We have locations that we can take you to that provide a stunning view and backdrop for pictures.   Photos of locations available on our Photo Album page in the Locations album.

These packages include:

  • Transportation to the site for yourselves and two guests, with a stop at the Vital Stats for your marriage license in a chauffeured driven sedan.
  • Presentation Rose (color of your choice) and matching boutonniere.
  • Services of a non-denominational wedding officiant, who takes responsibility for filing the license after the ceremony.
  • If needed, 2 witnesses as required by Alaska law.
  • Two custom embossed champagne flutes.
  • Courtesy bottle of champagne.
  • Return to your hotel or ship.

              Mendenhall Glacier* $1,416.00 or Juneau Arboredum $1,890.00  

*This activity operates under a Special Use Permit issued by the US Forest Service.

Price includes Bride & Groom, additional fees for guests and a 15% gratuity.

If you are looking for a "really" simple ceremony, we can make arrangements for ceremonies right next to your cruise ship for $375.00 or $635 via Mount Robert's Tram.  Please note ground transportation for license & witnesses are not included.  

*Information pertaining to business policy regarding deposits, refunds,  and  cancellations can be found on our Planning page*

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